The Beachside Shorts Pattern

    I created these shorts just as a fun practice summer project for a day at the beach or to wear around the house and they only took a few days for me to crochet so I wanted to share this fun and easy project with you! I also have a pdf pattern posted on my Ravelry account as well that has some helpful photos to create these!

    The pair in the photo was made based on my measurements, which I normally wear a size large (10-12) and measured my waist to see how wide to make the waistband. Personally I think the easiest way of getting the right size is to just try it around your waist as you go, but generally measuring your waist and crocheting the band to that length works as well, as I crocheted my waistband to a length of around 33”.

 In US sizes for waistband would be:

 XS: 25-26”, S: 27-28”, M: 29-30”, L: 31-33”, XL: 34-36”, 2XL: 37-39”, 3XL: 40-42”,

 but using your exact measurements are probably best for these shorts.

The stitches and abbreviations for this project are:

Ch- Chain

Sts- Stitches

Blo- Back loop only single crochet

Dbc- Double crochet

Sl st- Slip stitch


-5.00mm Hook (US H-8)

-Any worsted weight or aran weight yarn that you enjoy working with. I personally used a skein of Bernat Pop! in the color Foggy Notion and finished with Red Heart Super Saver in white so it took about 1 and 1/3 skeins for the total project.

- Tapestry needle for weaving in ends (which are minimal, yay!)


Waistband- (based on my size measurements)

Ch 11

Row 1: Blo in the second chain from the hook and Blo in the next 9 stitches. Ch 1 (10 sts)

Row 2-128: Blo in each st, Ch 1

Once you have done 128 rows or your desired rows for the size you need (which you can wrap around your waist to see the comfort of the waistband), it can be joined.

Join waistband: Sl st in one leg from the right side and one from the left side down the 10 sts. (see photo) Turn the work inside out and you should have a nicely stitched waistband.

Body of the shorts-

Row 1: Here you will be working around the length of the waistband starting at the last slip stich done. Each rib in the band will have two dbc sts, so in my shorts I had 64 ribs around, so 128 dbc sts around the band + 2 dbc sts where the waistband was slip stitched together for a total of 130 sts. Sl st into the first dbc of the row.

Row 2: Ch 2 and dbc into the st that was just sl st into and continue dbc sts in the round. At the end of the round sl st into the first dbc.

Row 3-16: repeat row 2.


Row 17: This will be where the shorts are split into 2 legs. This is done by chaining 24 sts and then connecting the chain with a slip stitch into the middle of your piece. For my shorts, the middle was at st 65 (130÷2= 65), so I made a sl st into that with my 24 ch now running down the middle of the shorts. This creates the separation for the legs which is a good spot to try on the shorts and make sure they are comfortable once again as you may need a shorter or longer chain depending on what is comfortable for you. 

Now you will work each leg separately starting with the left leg on the backside.

Left leg row 1: Ch 2 and work dbc sts in the round until you reach to the 24 ch. You will want to just work your dbc sts in those chs as you would normally (placing your hook through both legs of the st) making sure to keep them straight. You may have to add an extra dbc st between the chains and the body if it seems like there will be a hole between these spaces. Sl st into the first dbc of the row. (65-66 sts total)

Row 2-6: ch 2 and dbc into the first st of the round. Continue dbc sts in the round and sl st into the beginning dbc of the row.

**Here is a good point to try on the shorts and see if they are at a good length for you and decide how many more rows are needed. If you feel they’re a good length, then fasten off or continue on with more rows if more length is needed. (For me personally 7 rows worked the best)

Row 7: ch 2 and work the dbc st in the round. At the end of the round sl st into the first dbc of the round and fasten off. The left leg should now be complete.

Now, starting with the right leg we will begin working on the front side of the piece.

Right leg row 1: You will need to start a chain by making a sl st into a st before the 24-chain made previously (the left leg joining section). Then, dbc into that same st. Now you will be working into stitches from the chain that are attached to the left leg. This part is a bit tricky, but I just went into the backside of the stitches where there is a single loop and made double crochets across the 24 sts. At the end of the 24 sts you will be continuing dbc on the body of the shorts and here is where a hole will most likely be, so you’ll want to add an extra stitch before jumping back into the regular stitches made from the body of the shorts. (65-66 sts total)